Amazing story today on ABC Landline about Little White Goat Cheese and my grand daughter Caitlin's soaps -  Little White Goat Soap.

If you missed seeing this story, search on ABC iView.



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Just caught this segment. What a wonderful story. Karen’s enthusiasm, her story of how she met her husband, and subsequent love affair, plus her passion for her goats and her innovation in freeze-drying the product! THIS is why Landline has lasted so long, and garnered a loyal and passionate following. 💕💕💕💕


Absolutely gorgeous goats,makes me want to buy one,I’m looking forward to trying your cheese and soaps..Ann

I loved the program and understand why you cut your holiday short.Will try your cheese.


I was so impressed with the goats & the story. I am going to buy your products, try & give the cheese as a gift most unusual. Thank you for Landline if I’m home I never miss.

Elizabeth Thomas

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