5 reasons to switch to Freeze Dried Feta

5 reasons to switch to Freeze Dried Feta

1. Its so easy to transport.. easy to post

2. No chill- lives happily in your pantry for 18 months

3.No spoilage- just reseal the bag and it keeps fresh and delicious

4. Locked in nutrition- freeze drying locks in all the nutrients of the fresh feta.

5. It is very rich in flavour- tastes even better than fresh !!


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Can this product be purchased online? I’ve heard very good for about it. I live in Melbourne. How much does it cost? 🙂

Lynda Larkin



Well done you! Loooove feta. Where it your product available to the public? Both freeze dried and fresh.
Have to admire your innovation during tough times. Congratulations.
Dr Malcolm Whaites


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