the goats

the goats

These beautiful girls are part of a herd of goats that I own and run. 

My cheese product is all natural , made from the milk these girls provide me. They have the run of large paddocks and at night they sleep in a huge , weather protected shed. Fed twice a day and given special treats ( Weetbix and carrots)  they are milked onee a day. When the mums have bubs on them they are free to run with each other all day. 

I love the girls dearly and they in turn come running to the dairy each morning when I call their names - to give me milk for my freeze dried cheese.

I am a female Aussie farmer and practice humane and loving farming procedures.

I use only a couple of ingredients in my fresh feta which is then freeze dried to produce this world first product - of which my girls and I are very proud. 

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Saw you on Steph Cooks Stuff. Wow! A unique product and lives in the pantry! Whats not to love!? Congratulations, I just had to buy some of your feta!


You are amazing. If only every farmer could be so humane and caring. Well done, keep up the good work, good luck.


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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